Environmental Justice Principles Drive Our Decarbonization Mission

Enchant has consistently embraced environmental justice principles. Commitment to the safe decarbonization of our environment is the foundation of the company’s mission. Through our partnership with local government, unions, and diverse indigenous communities, we are working to build CCS solutions that will reduce CO2 emissions by 95 percent or more while supplying reliable power to the grid, with competitive pricing. Our projects generate tax revenues for schools and services, preserve and create thousands of jobs, and train workers for a new energy economy.

Empowering a Shared Sustainable Future

The rural communities where power plants are located benefit directly from tax revenues, jobs, and reliable energy that are created with CCUS projects.

Existing power plants are often the largest employer in a region. Carbon capture retrofits allow these plants to remain open and expand employment and tax revenues.

Partnering with Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities face severe economic and social disruption from energy transition. Enchant is working with indigenous communities to address the impacts in a way that maintains jobs and protects the environment.

In 2022, Navajo Transitional Energy Company (“NTEC”), a Navajo LLC whose sole shareholder is the Navajo Nation, invested in Enchant and joined our Board of Directors. In doing so, NTEC is taking direct action to ensure well-paying and secure jobs, reliable energy access, and resource control for its communities.

Committed to Organized Labor

The creation of high-paying, future-focused primarily union jobs is core to our ESG commitment. Enchant commits to fair and equitable treatment of union employees as organized labor will play a crucial role in constructing and operating state-of-the-art carbon capture and sequestration facilities.

Commitment to Diversity and Social Responsibility

Enchant Energy and the organizations that we partner with are committed to diversity and social responsibility in all aspects of our operations. We work to ensure that the interests and concerns of disadvantaged communities and tribal entities are highly prioritized in the siting, operation, and eventual decommissioning of CCS facilities.