Environmental Justice Principles Drive Our Decarbonization Mission

Enchant has consistently embraced environmental justice principles. Commitment to the safe decarbonization of our environment is the foundation of the company’s mission. Through our partnership with local government, unions, and diverse indigenous communities, we are working to build a unique CCS solution that will reduce CO2 emissions by 95 percent while supplying 100 percent baseload power to the grid throughout New Mexico, with competitive pricing for local communities. Our SJGS project will generate tax revenues for schools and services, create thousands of jobs, and train workers in our area for a new energy economy.

Empowering a Shared Sustainable Future

Our surrounding rural community is not only meaningfully involved in our first project at SJGS, but also benefits directly from tax revenues, jobs, and reliable energy it creates.

The SJGS is the largest single source of property tax-backed school bond money for the Central Consolidated School District, which includes a significant and diverse indigenous population. In addition to supporting 6,000 students at 15 schools covering nearly 3,000 square miles, the SJGS will protect valuable energy jobs and train current and future workers region-wide for new energy jobs through partnerships with San Juan College. The DOE estimates that the SJGS plant will create an estimated 2 million new worker hours, making it the largest employer in the region.

Partnering with Indigenous Communities

As coal mines close and jobs move to the renewable sector, indigenous communities face severe economic and social disruption. Enchant has partnered with the Navajo Nation and other indigenous communities to develop the SJGS site since its inception.

In 2022, Navajo Transitional Energy Corporation (“NTEC”), a Navajo Nation entity, invested in Enchant and joined our Board. In doing so, NTEC is taking direct action to ensure well-paying secure jobs, reliable energy access, and resource control for its communities.

Committing to Organized Labor

The creation of high-paying, future-focused jobs—including many union jobs—is core to our ESG commitment. As a union shop, Enchant has negotiated a Project Labor Agreement to ensure fair treatment of all our union employees. Organized labor will play a crucial role in shaping the siting, design, and construction of all our state-of-the-art carbon capture and sequestration facilities.

Building a World-Class Decarbonization Platform

Enchant partners with scientists, researchers, engineers, and investors at world-renowned institutions, including: Derivee Power, Navajo Transitional Energy Corp (NTEC), City of Farmington, Mitsubishi, Sargent & Lundy, Kiewit Power, Cohn Reznik, Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, the New Mexico Bureau of Geology, University of New Mexico, University of Utah, and University of Wyoming.