Leaders in Carbon Capture and Reliable Energy

Enchant is mitigating climate change by advancing safe and effective decarbonizing technology. Our leadership leverages decades of experience in the Energy space to produce reliable, competitively priced low-carbon energy throughout the American West and Midwest. Together, we work to produce sustainable climate energy solutions that have a positive impact on the communities we serve and beyond.

Decades of Experience Building Climate Solutions

Cindy Crane

Board Chair and CEO,
Enchant Energy Corporation

Cindy Crane is the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Enchant Energy Corporation, an emerging environmental services company focused on carbon capture and storage for industry and communities. She is stewarding Enchant’s key project at the San Juan Generating Station in New Mexico, which is designed to capture and sequester more than six million metric tons of carbon annually and is slated to be the largest plant of its kind in the world.

Ms. Crane is the former CEO of Rocky Mountain Power and a 27-year veteran of PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy. She has broad energy and electric utility experience with a focus on the Western states, a critical region for Enchant. While at Rocky Mountain Power, she led the evolution of the company’s energy business with creative and new customer solutions, renewable energy and electrification programs, cooperative community agreements, smart grids, and economic development initiatives.

A recognized leader in the energy industry, she was honored with the ATHENA International Leadership Award in 2018 and named Woman of the Year by Utah Business Magazine in 2019.

Ms. Crane is the Chair of the Energy Resources Council for the School of Energy Resources at the University of Wyoming, and is the former Chair and current Governing Board director and Executive Committee member of the Salt Lake City, Utah Olympic Games Committee.

Robert Van Engelenhoven

Vice President of Operations and Development

Robert Van Engelenhoven is Vice President of Operations and Development at Enchant Energy, where he oversees key projects and partnerships. He brings 27 years of experience planning and executing large scale clean energy, power and battery/storage projects.

Previously, he served as Project Development Director for PacifiCorp’s Renewable Energy Development group. Among his many achievements, he developed a 240 megawatt wind project in Montana and led PacifiCorp’s Energy Vision 2020, a $3.5 billion project adding more than 1,100 megawatts of new wind generation and a 150-mile, 500 kilovolt transmission line to PacifiCorp’s portfolio of assets.

He managed five new natural gas-fired power projects and directed PacifiCorp’s Comprehensive Air Initiative, a system-wide, multi-year, $1.5 billion program that retrofitted emission controls across the entire PacifiCorp coal fleet. Mr. Van Engelenhoven was also Project Director for the $700 million, 650 megawatt combined cycle PacifiCorp Lake Side 2 power project.

Mr. Van Engelenhoven is a licensed structural engineer.

James J. Wolff

Chief Financial Officer

James Wolff has over 40 years of experience in the energy, mining and transportation industries, with a diverse background in finance, operations and business development. He possesses substantial IPO, M&A and divestitures experience with companies generating revenues between $300 million and $8 billion. Prior to joining Enchant Energy, he was EVP of Insight Terminal Solutions, CFO of Bowie Resources, CFO of U.S. Coal Corporation, and held senior executive positions with American Commercial Lines and CSX Corporation. Mr.Wolff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Texas and attended South Texas College of Law.

Spencer B. Young

VP, General Counsel & Business Development

Spencer Young has over eighteen years of experience practicing corporate and transactional law with top law firms and in-house legal departments. He has extensive experience in the areas of general corporate and contract law, mergers and acquisitions, construction and capital projects, lending and finance, regulatory compliance, energy, oil and gas, and mining. He also has additional experience with real estate, dispute settlement, litigation management, procurement and service agreements, private offerings, securities, and alternative dispute resolution.

Spencer Young received a Juris Doctorate from Columbia University, a degree in International Law from the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Russian from Brigham Young University.

Philippe Bekhazi

Board Member

Philippe Bekhazi leads Derivee Capital, a proprietary investment company focused on financial technology, agricultural technology, and renewable energy.

He is also the Founder and CEO of XBTO Global, a financial company active in market-making, OTC trading, venture capital, cryptocurrency mining, and other areas related to digital assets. XBTO was the first large-scale liquidity provider on digital asset trading platforms.

Previously, he worked for Calypso Technology and Citibank and spent four years at SAC Capital Advisors, where he helped build the global macro trading desk.

Mr. Bekhazi joined the board of Enchant in 2021.He holds a BS in Finance and Communications from Syracuse University.

Robert A. Davies

Board Member

Robert Davies founded and built APS BioGroup, a manufacturer of specialty dairy proteins, which he led through acquisition by a private equity group. Previously, he served as CFO of Favorite Brands International, a private equity-sponsored candy rollup that became the fourth largest candy company in the United States. He also held progressive roles as Executive VP of Marketing and Administration and CFO at the Golden Cheese Company, which builds, owns, and manages the largest cheese plant in the world.

Mr. Davies joined the board of Enchant Energy in July 2020. He began his career as a consultant at Deloitte. He holds an MBA from UCLA and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University.

Thomas S. Glanville

Vice Chairman of the Board

Tom Glanville joined the board of Enchant Energy Corporation in May 2021 and was named Vice Chairman the following month.

He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Eschelon Advisors, which provides energy and private equity investment and advisory services. He serves on the Boards of Crescent Pass Energy and Strand Energy, both Houston-based private oil and gas exploration and production companies.

From 2013-2020, he served as Chair of the Audit/Finance Committee of Itron, Inc, the world’s largest electric, gas, and water meter manufacturing, metering technology, and metering systems company. He remains a member of this committee and joined the board’s Governance Committee in May 2020.

Mr. Glanville graduated with an M.S. in Mineral Economics from the Colorado School of Mines and holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia.

Harry (Tres) Tipton

Board Member

Harry (Tres) Tipton is the Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC). As the CGO, Mr. Tipton is responsible for developing long-term strategies and corporate structure to ensure the company has continuous and sustainable growth, both internal and external, and overseeing the execution to reach those goals. Throughout his career, Mr. Tipton has held various positions in business development, mine operations, mine management, and executive management.

Mr. Tipton’s business development activities include projects in coal, limestone, activated carbon, solar facilities, rare earth, lithium, and copper mining in the United States and internationally. He has degrees in Mining and Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Mr. Tipton has over 40 years of experience in the coal industry. Prior to joining NTEC, Tres served as Vice President of Engineering for the North American Coal Corporation.

Janet S. Zagorin

Board Member

Janet Zagorin has been a trailblazer building corporate programs that merge business strategy with ESG standards and implementing industry-leading public/private partnerships and corporate engagement programs. She has held leadership positions at Global 20 law firms, corporate enterprises, not-for profit boards, and private funds.

In 2018 she founded Opal Strategies, LLC, a private consulting firm that provides strategic business and ESG advice to clients in professional services, technology, life sciences, venture capital, and family wealth investment.

She is an active Board Member of several organizations, including Enchant Energy, New York Cares, and the Am Yisrael Foundation, and a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors. She earned a certificate in Corporate Sustainability from NYU/Stern Business School’s Sustainability/ESG Certificate program. Among other honors, Ms. Zagorin received the 2015 World of Difference Award from The International Alliance of Women, which “honored 100 women in the world who make a difference.”

Our Decarbonized Energy Principles


Mitigate climate change by advancing safe and effective decarbonizing technology


Produce reliable, competitively priced, low emission energy throughout the American West and Midwest


Preserve and create well-paying energy jobs


Catalyze sustainable development in the communities we serve

Large Scale Carbon Emissions Control

  • Enchant Energy is building a platform for large-scale carbon emissions control, focused on capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants and industrial facilities
  • Founded in 2019 and motivated by the global need for sustainable low-carbon power generation necessary to meet climate change emissions goals
  • The company is led by experienced management with decades of experience in the power industry and low-carbon energy development
  • Enchant Energy is enabling carbon capture as a service, building a portfolio of large-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects on existing power plants to enable significant carbon dioxide emissions reductions and produce sustainable low-emissions electricity at scale, and yield strong investor returns