A Clean Energy Company providing Environmental Services to Decarbonize Industry and Mitigate Climate Change

Enchant Energy is a carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) developer and energy provider in the Western United States. We bring CCS as a service to mitigate climate change, produce reliable energy, preserve and create jobs, and catalyze sustainable development in the diverse communities we serve.


Enchant is providing a roadmap for the safe decarbonization of our environment through crucial R&D, world-class partnerships, and a commitment to environmental justice principles.

Proven Carbon Capture Technology – Scaling CCS Capacity

CCS is critical to the clean energy transition. It is the most impactful way to reduce CO2 emissions while ensuring a reliable energy supply across the Western United States. By scaling the kinds of amine-based, post-combustion carbon capture and sequestration systems already in use on smaller projects, Enchant will reduce CO2 emissions by 95 percent at its first project site, the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS). Learn more about CCS Technology.

Why Partner with Enchant?

Produce Reliable Decarbonized Energy

Enchant will supply 100 percent baseload power to the grid throughout New Mexico and the West and reduce CO2 emissions at the source of production.

Reach Climate

Deploying CCS at significant scale is critical to meeting long-term climate targets. By building on proven carbon capture technology, Enchant is providing a roadmap for the safe decarbonization of our environment.

Scale Carbon Capture Technology

As we expand CCS technology throughout the West, we will help protect the environment and create new jobs as we strive toward a carbon neutral economy.

Reduce Emissions through CCS Retrofits

Through CCS retrofits to bring amine technology – a proven method of CO2 removal – to power plants of all sizes, Enchant will reduce emissions from the vast fleet of existing power plants by up to 95 percent.

Advance Environmental Justice

Commitment to the safe decarbonization of our environment is the foundation of Enchant’s mission. Through our partnerships with local government, unions, and diverse indigenous groups, we embrace environmental justice principles to make meaningful impacts on our surrounding community.

for Impact

The declining cost of carbon capture technology, combined with popular 45Q federal tax credits and other market incentives, creates attractive opportunities with strong upside. By partnering with world-class energy investors and innovators, Enchant is poised to reach it.