A Full-Service Carbon Capture Partner to Industry and Communities

Enchant Energy Corporation is a New Mexico based carbon capture and storage (CCS) developer and energy provider in the Western United States.
We bring CCS as a service in order to mitigate climate change, produce reliable energy, preserve and create jobs, and catalyze sustainable development in the communities we serve. Through crucial R&D and world-class partnerships, we are providing a roadmap for the safe decarbonization of our environment.

The San Juan Generating Station

Enchant’s first project, the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS), will be the lowest emitting coal plant in the world. It is designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 95%, deliver competitively priced energy throughout New Mexico and the West; protect jobs as well as schools that primarily serve indigenous communities; and provide a roadmap for scaling CCS nationally and around the world.

At a 95% carbon capture rate, SJSG will be the lowest emitting coal plant in the world—and could become the largest CCS project in the world.

Why partner with Enchant?

Decarbonized Electricity

With continued focus on decarbonizing electric power, Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) will play a critical role in achieving goals

Critical to Meeting Climate Targets

Analysis by IPCC1, IEA2, and the U.S. EIA3 consistently indicate that deploying CCS at significant scale is critical to meeting long-term climate targets

Proven Technology

Amine technology is proven technology for CO2 removal and is now being applied to power plant stack emissions

Avoided Emissions

CCS will help avoid emissions from the vast fleet of existing fossil-fueled power plants through retrofits


Flexible Dispatchable Capacity

CCS enables “the growing need for system flexibility as the share of variable renewable energy technologies in generation and the need for dispatchable capacity”

Attractive Investment Opportunities

Declining cost of CO2 capture combined with strong tax and market incentives drive attractive investment opportunities with strong returns