The Story of San Juan Generating Station

Enchant’s hallmark project will equip the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) to reduce CO2 emissions, deliver competitively priced energy throughout NM and the West, protect jobs as well as schools that primarily serve a diverse indigenous population, and provide a roadmap for scaling carbon capture and sequestration beyond our region.

At a 95 percent carbon capture rate, SJGS will be the lowest emitting coal plant in the world—and could become the largest carbon capture and storage (CCS) project of its kind.

Since the early 1970s, SJGS has reliably served New Mexicans and customers throughout the West with abundant electricity. Now, as energy needs evolve and environmental stewardship demands, Enchant is repurposing the SJGS into both a state-of-the-art commercial–scale carbon capture utilization and sequestration facility and wholesale power generator.

This will further enhance New Mexico’s nationally recognized leadership position in reducing greenhouse gases. It is essential to the livelihoods of hundreds of employees and their families, the citizens of San Juan County, the State of New Mexico, and all our partners and investors.

San Juan Generating Station Today

Repurposing a Crucial Source of Energy

The plant as originally built was a four-unit facility with a total generating capacity of 1,684 megawatts. Today, SJGS is a two-unit facility with total production capacity of 847 megawatts. Enchant’s goal in purchasing the rights to SJGS was to work with the City of Farmington, NM and others to repurpose the plant for critical decarbonization and provision of reliable energy throughout New Mexico and the West.

Environmental Performance & Impact

Following an investment of several hundred million dollars in emissions reduction technologies, SJGS exceeds the stringent environmental performance requirements of a proposed Clean Power Plan. This includes significant reductions to Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Mercury. The combined effect of these investments is full compliance with regional haze reduction regulations as negotiated with the EPA and the State of New Mexico. Today SJGS is one of the cleanest power plants of its type in the Western U.S.

SJGS points to a Vibrant Future for CCS

Delivering Material Environmental Impacts

Enchant Energy’s CO2 capture plans will reduce the amount of CO2 released, making SJGS’s emissions lower than any existing or proposed natural gas-fired power plant in New Mexico. We project that a CCS-equipped SJGS will emit less than 250 pounds of CO2 per Megawatt Hour (MWh) of power produced, compared with an average of 915 pounds of CO2 per MWh for a typical natural gas-fired power plant (per the U.S. Energy Information Agency). Through substantial R&D, SJSG will also optimize storage capacity, providing the largest amount to date anywhere. SJGS’s location just 20 miles from the Cortez pipeline adds to its positive environmental impact as carbon can be stored with minimal complexity.

Fueling a Strong Tax Base

The combined operations are the largest single piece of assessed property in San Juan County. The economic benefits of Enchant’s plan to repurpose SJGS will result in enhanced support for schools and local government, including basic services such as roads, emergency services, and healthcare . The State of New Mexico also benefits from the payment of increased taxes, including conservation tax, resource excise tax, and gross receipts tax by the San Juan Mine.

Protecting Jobs and Training the Workforce of the Future

The SJGS project will protect valuable energy jobs and train current and future workers for new ones through partnerships with San Juan College.

Providing Reliable Competitively Priced Energy

SJGS will supply 100% baseload power to the grid throughout New Mexico and offer competitive pricing for local communities.

Funding Education

SJGS is the largest single source of property tax-backed school bond money for the Central Consolidated School District, which includes a significant and diverse indigenous population. The district serves 6,000 students at 15 schools covering nearly 3,000 square miles.

Advancing the Principles of Environmental Justice

As we build the CCS capacity to remove an estimated 6 million tons of carbon each year from the exhaust of a still-needed power plant—a matter of environmental justice in and of itself—Enchant is committed to involving both the City of Farmington, NM and its surrounding rural area in project decision-making and ownership. This area includes several indigenous communities, many of whose members are our employees and the beneficiaries of our local property taxes.

An Attractive and Impactful Investment

Enchant is partnering with a cadre of world-class energy investors and innovators, including: Derivee Power, Navajo Transitional Energy Corp (NTEC), City of Farmington, Mitsubishi, Sargent & Lundy, Kiewit Power, Cohn Reznik, Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, the New Mexico Bureau of Geology, University of New Mexico, University of Utah, and University of Wyoming. Enchant is a Delaware Corporation.