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Sargent & Lundy official discusses San Juan retrofit, past success with Petra Nova Project

  • Sep 29, 2022
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Hannah Grover, Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — As plans to retrofit the San Juan Generating Station with carbon capture technology move forward, the Petra Nova Project at the W.A. Parish Generating Station in Texas is held up as an example of a successful retrofit.

Enchant Energy Chief Operating Officer Peter Mandelstam said he describes his company’s retrofit of the San Juan Generating Station as Petra Nova 2.0.

“It’s an evolution, but it’s not a revolution,” he said.

Enchant Energy has assembled much of the same team that made Petra Nova the second successful carbon capture retrofit of a coal-fired power plant.

This team includes the engineering firm Sargent & Lundy, which has more than a century of experience in the electric utility world.

Sargent & Lundy official says Petra Nova proved the technology

Sean McHone, a senior vice president and project director with Sargent & Lundy’s fossil power group, has more than 10 years of experience working with the Parish Plant in Texas to retrofit one of its units with carbon capture technology. He was also involved in a study about 10 years ago looking at retrofitting the San Juan Generating Station.

“We always thought that San Juan made a lot of sense,” McHone said.

He highlighted its proximity to the Cortez pipeline for transporting carbon dioxide for use in enhanced-oil recovery, as well as the pollution controls that reduce the amount of sulfur.

McHone said Petra Nova’s construction proved that the technology can work at a utility scale and the lessons learned will help reduce the costs of future retrofits. And the San Juan Generating Station is not the only carbon capture project Sargent & Lundy is currently working on. McHone said the firm is currently supporting approximately 10 different front-end engineering and design studies for carbon capture projects around the country.

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