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New report highlights economic benefits of carbon capture retrofit of San Juan power plant

  • Sep 29, 2022
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Deputy energy secretary presents report in Albuquerque
Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

AZTEC — Retrofitting the San Juan Generating Station with carbon capture technology will provide more tax revenue and more jobs than replacing the power plant with renewable energy sources, according to a report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The report largely reiterates points that Enchant Energy and its supporters have been making since they brought the proposal forward in 2019 in an effort to keep the San Juan Generating Station open after 2022. A copy of the report can be viewed online at

Deputy Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes presented the report on Oct. 5 along with Enchant Energy representatives and their partners, including the City of Farmington, during an event in Albuquerque that was streamed on the Enchant Energy Facebook page.

“(Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage) is an incredible example of innovation,” Menezes said. “One that has the potential to drive emissions down to zero, making fossil fuels as emissions free as renewables.”

Carbon capture proponents claim that the technology can capture 95% or more of the carbon dioxide emissions from the flue gas of a coal-fired power plant. However, that does not take into account emissions from mining operations or emissions from oil produced using carbon dioxide captured from the plant to force oil out of the ground in enhanced oil recovery.

“CCUS is a technology just waiting to change this nation and the world,” Menezes said. “And when it does, it will be nothing short of phenomenal.”

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